Horror novelist Stephen King jokes that Gov. Scott could be in next horror novel

SARASOTA, Fla. - World famous horror novelist Stephen King wasn’t shy about his opposition to Gov. Rick Scott’s budget cuts at a Sarasota rally focused on protecting education, unions and veterans Tuesday night.

According to the Herald Tribune , while discussing his disdain for Scott’s leadership, he jested that Scott made for a good horror novel villain.

"Maybe my next horror novel will star Rick Scott," King said to a cheering crowd.

He also joked that the high speed rail project between Tampa and Orlando and the $2.4 billion in federal funding geared towards it was rejected by Scott because it was "probably a bad deal - considering how low the price of gas is."

Dozens of other similar rallies were held across Florida Tuesday evening as Scott prepared for the State of the State address in Tallahassee.

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