Higher levels of red tide found along Sarasota coast

SARASOTA - An increased level of red tide has been detected on Sarasota County's coast, according to the Mote Marine Laboratory.

The lab analyzed the samples recently collected by Sarasota County Health Department and determined the highest levels of algae red tide (karenia brevis) were found at Manasota Beach.

Fish affected by red tide on Manasota Beach, Nokmis Beach, Venice Beach and Brohard Beach Dog Park will be removed.

People with asthma or chronic respiratory issues may experience more intense symptoms when winds are blowing onshore.

Beaches in central and northern Sarasota County showing low to moderate levels of red tide include Siesta Beach, Lido Beach, South Lido Beach, North Lido Beach, Turtle Beach, Palmer Point Beach, south end Siesta Key and the north end of Casey Key.

Beach conditions can be check daily here: http://www.mote.org/ beaches.The Mote Marine Laboratory's Beach Conditions Report is updated at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.   

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