Four men arrested after neighborhood complaints lead to big drug bust in Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. - A big bust leads police to large amounts of drugs, guns, and thousands of dollars in cash and it's all because neighbors decided enough was enough.

"I've been threatened," Debbie Berger revealed sitting on the front porch of one of her rental properties.

Berger owns six homes in the Bayou Oaks area of Sarasota.

"One on every street going all the way down," she pointed.

But it's clear, this isn't the same community she fell in love with 30 years ago. Guns, drugs, drug dealing - she says she's recently seen it all.

"It was getting kind of spooky and I thought you know what I'm not putting up with this," Berger said. "We're not going to let them make us want to move."

So instead of moving, she stood her ground. Berger rallied some of her neighbors and they went straight to police.

"Neighborhood reports were that this home and the people living there were operating an around the clock drug business," said Lt. Pat Ledwith with the Sarasota Police Department.

Police now attribute one of the biggest busts they've had in awhile to those neighborhood complaints.

A search warrant executed at 1083 Colleton Drive resulted in detectives seizing 264.6 grams of powder cocaine, 41 grams of rock cocaine, 25.9 grams of heroin, 9.2 grams of marijuana, 25.4 grams of oxycodone, and 32.7 grams of hydromorphone (Dilaudid). They also discovered at the residence $6,832 and two loaded semi-automatic handguns.

"Not only were they selling drugs at this location, they were actually manufacturing rock cocaine," Ledwith said.

Police arrested Robert J. Gambles Jr., Tavaris Edwards, Wayne Goff Jr., and Johnnie Lang. All four men are now facing multiple drug charges.

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