Florida Poodle Rescue looking for home for two loving dogs; one suffered a traumatic injury

The dogs to be adopted as a pair

"I was horrified.  And I think he deserves so much better," said Joani Ellis.

Where's there's hope,  Ellis will find a way.

"C'mon sweetheart," Ellis encourages the small dog as he runs through her backyard grass.

His name is Fabio; and he's got two stumps for back legs. 

"What a runner, good boy," she calls out as Fabio runs toward her.

Fabio's legs had been cut off just above the paw joint.

"I actually think they were probably tied off with some type of tying mechanism and hacked off with a machete," said Ellis of Florida Poodle Rescue. 

Ellis went to Miami to rescue 4-year old Fabio and 6-year old Lady, who suffers from cataracts and is nearly blind, after the two dogs were dropped off together at a shelter. 

"The story was that his feet were cut off because he was trying to be an escape artist and climb a chain link fence.  And if that's the worst he ever did, I think the punishment was certainly more than his crime," Ellis said. 

Officials say it's difficult to determine exactly when the legs were cut.  But based upon the amount of callous on the stumps, it likely happened within the past year.

Although Fabio and Lady aren't Poodles, they're Maltese,  Ellis says that's okay.  

"It wasn't his fault he wasn't born a poodle,  but we're going to make sure the rest of his life is everything that he ever deserved," she explained.

Florida Poodle Rescue would like to see the pair of loving dogs go to a good home.

"This dog is a happy dog and will love you despite his lack of back legs.," she said.

If you're interested in adopting Fabio and Lady, or would like more information on how to help Florida Poodle Rescue, call (727) 265-1766. Or you can visit www.floridapoodlerescue.org .

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