Cremated remains released inside LensCrafters store in Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. - Investigators with the Sarasota Police department have revealed the "suspicious" substance released inside a LensCrafters store at the Westfield Southgate Shopping Center in Sarasota on Tuesday were cremated remains.

According to investigators, a man decided to spread the ashes of his deceased fiancé inside the store.

The actions forced the Westfield Southgate Shopping Center to quickly close late Tuesday morning.

Hazardous material teams from Sarasota County Fire Department were called to the scene to sample the substance.  

Police eventually located the man. He told them his fiance', who died several months ago, had a connection to the mall and he did not intend any harm.  In fact, he had no idea his actions created a commotion.

Sarasota Police said they do not anticipate any charges being filed and have offered him some grief counseling.

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