Campaign sign theft writes to target: I did it to protect you

SARASOTA - In the months leading up to the presidential election, there have been several reports of people stealing campaign signs from neighbor's lawns. But one suspect in a Sarasota sign theft may have been the first person to send their victim a post card, explaining why they took it.

Campaign signs for Barack Obama and Congressional hopeful Keith Fitzgerald had been stolen from the front of Jill Green's Sarasota home on two occasions, WWSB reports.

She had no clue why this was happening, until she received a postcard claiming that it was to protect her and the neighborhood.

"Ms Green, my apologies for your Democrat yard signs, but let me explain...when thieves drive through Sapphire Shores scoping out possible targets and see pro-Democrat yard signs they automatically assume that the subdivision is filled with retards and half-wits," the card read.

The person went on to see that gangsters would assume Democrats don't look their doors or secure their valuables.    

The card was signed    Bat Masterson, a person known as a buffalo hunter figure of the American Old West who was also a U.S. Marshal and Army Scout.

Masterson died in 1921, but a TV show in the 1950's portrayed a fictional account of his life.

The culprit's real identity is still a mystery, but the person wrote that they lived around the corner from Green.

Read the complete postcard and report here:

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