AirTran will no longer fly from Sarasota starting this fall

AirTran will no longer service Sarasota

SARASOTA - If you are considering flying out of the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport this year, you might want to think twice before choosing an airline. AirTran  Airways, the airport's second largest airline, is pulling all of it's flights to and from Sarasota on August 12th.

Alli Mauzey flew AirTran into Sarasota for a concert. She said, "That's cutting out a lot of options for people, which I fly all the time, so that quite frankly would not be convenient."

Now, only U.S. Air, Jet Blue, Air Canada and Delta, the airport's largest airline, will fly there. Thirty-two percent of the airport's passengers flew AirTran last year, bringing in more than $1,000,000.

Airport President Rick Piccolo said, "We're obviously saddened by it. We think they would have been very successful here." Piccolo said AirTran chose to pull out because they already fly out of Tampa and Ft. Myers and there are not enough people flying during the summer.

Piccolo said, "The good news is that Southwest/AirTran has an agreement with us that obligates them to pay rent until 20-14. So they'll still be paying a sizable sum towards our budget."

Piccolo also told ABC Action News to make up for lost revenue he's going to try to bring another airline to the airport, like United or American Airlines.

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