Sarasota declined to erect a barrier where a car crashed into a home, killing a resident

Thirty-first Street resident Lillie Chappell is demanding action after a fleeing suspect slammed into a woman’s home and killed the resident.
Eleanor Ball, who lives at 31st Street and Maple Avenue in Sarasota, didn’t have to die, Chappell said.
"We as taxpayers in this area need more protection," she said. "There was nothing to stop her but that house.” 
Sarasota Police Department said Saturday's accident makes for a total of five crashes in the same area since 1996. Two of the previous crashes involved vehicles running into Ball’s fence.
Jakeilah Weeks, the driver accused of killing Ball, faces a vehicular homicide charge.
"Put a barrier, a decent barrier there, so if someone is living at that house again, you don't want that to happen again," Chappell said. 
"We need (speed) bumps or something out here," said another neighbor, Deborah Brown. 
Sarasota City spokesperson Jan Thornburg said Ball reached out to city leaders in August 2003 requesting a concrete barrier be placed in front of her home.
The request was prompted by a June 2003 accident involving a vehicle hitting her fence.
Thornburg said the city denied that request. She added the city is now reviewing the case in its entirety.  
"At least do a study and see if it’s feasible to have a decent barrier there," said Chappell. 
Ball's family tells ABC Action News they are now deciding as a family what their next steps will be. 
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