Sarasota County proposed beach bathrooms could cost more than $1 million

South Lido beach bathrooms to be replaced

SARASOTA, Fla. - A new beach bathroom facility proposed in Sarasota could end up costing more than a mini mansion.

"I think they could probably spend that money somewhere else," said Suzanne Meyer.

Meyer is talking about the million-dollar price tag to replace the old beach bathroom on South Lido Beach.

"I wasn't appalled to go in there, and it functions," she said.

But the Sarasota County Parks Department insists that is exactly what it is going to cost to build a complex that can withstand hurricanes, meet American with Disabilities Act guidelines and include the latest green technology.

"They are maybe designing things to a standard that is unreasonable, especially in these times to spend that much," said county commissioner Nora Patterson.

More than one county commissioner agrees a million-dollar bathroom complex on South Lido Beach sounds like money going down the drain.

Nora Patterson, Sarasota County commissioner said, "It would be pretty unusual unless you are dealing with gold faucets and things," said commissioner Patterson.

The proposed plan would replace the only bathrooms build in the 1980s with a 1,600 square foot design by a local architect. County Commissioner Nora Patterson wants a redo. Those at the beach have mixed emotions.

"If they have the money, and there is a need then it sounds great," said Sandra Babb.
Sarasota County resident Randy Mikkelson said a new bathroom would be nice, but the price needs to be cut.

"I think for them to rethink it is a good idea and to rethink the cost and to see if they can get the price down," said Mikkelson.

County commissioners are considering  ways to cut the cost, and will present their findings at their next meeting.

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