Police warning drivers of red light camera scam

Sarasota Police Department is warning of a new twist on an old scam. Someone is targeting drivers, claiming they owe money for running a red light.
Melanie Gochnauer got a phone call Thursday morning from a person claiming she owed $80.
"I don't want to just throw away $80 on a ticket that I didn't even need to pay for," Gouchnauer said.
Gochnauer is a server with dreams of starting her own photography business, so for the 20-year-old, every penny counts.
"Eighty dollars is kind of a lot for me because I'm trying to start my life and put money away and save," Gochnauer said.
She was told by the person on the other line she needed to pay her ticket for running a red light before 5:30 p.m. Thursday or her license would be suspended.
Gochnauer said she never got a ticket, but because the person on the phone already knew her name, address and had her number, she thought maybe the ticket was just lost in the mail.
"I was really freaked out because I didn't think that i had run a red light or a flashing red light at all," Gochnauer said.
When she asked what intersection, the said the person on the other line told her he couldn't say because that was too personal.
He also told her to put the money on a pre-paid card and give him the number.
That's when she says she knew something was not right and called police.
Police said if you do receive a ticket for running a red light, you would not receive a phone call requesting you to use a pre-paid card.
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