Movie 'Parker' to bring in a half-million dollars to Sarasota in three days

Producers say Florida perfect spot for movies

SARASOTA, Fla. - For three days, the Ca' d'Zan Mansion in Sarasota will be transformed into a set from Hollywood. The mansion, once the home of John and Mable Ringling, is now being used as the action packed movie, Parker.

" Parker is a story of a criminal a thief with a conscious.  He has a code of ethics.  He is a thief, but is a Robin Hood in many, many senses of the word," said producer Stratton Leopold. Leopold is just one of many who make the big screen come to life.

In his career he has worked on movies like Mission Impossible III and The Wolf Man."It's exciting for me because you often times have to think of ways to think of ways to make the image be what the director needs."

What the director was looking for, according to Leopold, was a beautiful mansion. He says they scouted dozens of locations and found the perfect one here in the bay area. "Eveything was perfect. The proximity of the water, the beauty of the mansion itself, the drive up which you see right here it was perfect."

What also makes this perfect for Sarasota County is the fact that the movie will bring not only national attention once it hits the big screen, but also according to Sarasota County, a half-million dollars.

For the Ringling Museum that owns the Ca' d'Zan it's just the beginning. "So many million people will actually view this film that normally wouldn't come to Florida or even go into a museum," said Ca' d'Zan curator Ron McCarty.

It's also helping aspiring actors. Before shooting the movie, 300 extras were hired from the area to work for three days, each being paid over $100.  Leopold said Sarasota is the perfect location to film, not only for the location, but also because the state of Florida offers tax incentives for movie makers and Sarasota County offers an additional incentive for rebates for security and other needs.

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