Misty Stoddard Murder Trial Day 2: Stepmother accused in the murder of 11-year-old autistic child

Misty Stoddard's son and neighbor took the stand Tuesday in the second day of testimony in her murder trial.
Stoddard is accused of murdering her 11-year-old stepdaughter, Melissa.
The neighbor had tears in her eyes as she talked about the relationship between the Stoddards and Melissa.
Dr. Sally Smith, medical director of the Florida Department of Health Child Protection Team, also took the stand.
She told the jury that when she first examined Melissa, before she passed away, she documented signs of swelling on Melissa's brain. Smith said that indicates a lack of oxygen.
The prosecution has said evidence will show that Stoddard taped Melissa’s mouth to keep her quiet and bound her to a board so she could not move.
Smith also said Melissa had bruises, cuts and scrapes on her skin.
The prosecution asked on Tuesday if the girl's injuries would be "consistent if someone were on this board here...lying on her back, struggling and rubbing back and forth?" 
"Yes," Smith answered.
On Monday, jurors saw disturbing evidence, including a plywood board  where investigators believe Stoddard hogtied Melissa, Velcro-ed her head into a helmet and duct taped her mouth.
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