Manatee County workers repaying accidental raises

Imagine being told you had to give back part of your paycheck because your employer made a mistake. 
That's exactly the situation for some employees of Manatee County right now. 
The mistake was that several employees had been wrongly promoted. 
"On closer examination what they discovered was this new career ladder program that had been implemented had been implemented [in] an incorrect way," said Nick Azzara, a county spokesperson. 
Azzara said accidental promotions meant accidental raises for 25 county employees, all within the Property Management Division, which includes landscapers and park maintenance employees. 
A total of $12,000 was wrongly paid out. 
However, the county believes the employees should give the money back. 
"We made an error," Azzara said.
"We apologize for that," he added. "But because they're taxpayer assets we can't ask the county to absorb the cost."
One employee, for instance, has to give back $900.
But the taxpayers may not see it that way. At nearby G.T. Bray Park, managed by those same employees affected by the mistake, there were plenty of local taxpayers who felt the workers should just keep the money. 
"Of course we pay tax, but we want to distribute this tax money fairly and honestly and thoughtfully," said Parrish resident Laura Khalifa.
"I worked for a company for 32 years, and when they gave me a raise they didn't take it back," said Pastor Hubert Randall of Manatee County. 
Affected employees with the county declined to speak on camera about the issue. 
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