Man kidnapped from Walmart victim of robbery ring using women to seduce prey

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - Manatee County deputies are continuing to search for a group of suspects who reportedly uses a woman to lure men away, then rob them, taking everything they have.

Investigators say they know of at least two different incidents --- the first at Bradenton bar on 43rd Terrace East and the second happened Monday night at a Walmart on 53rd Avenue East.

In the first incident, deputies say two Hispanic men met two women at the bar.

The women suggested the men followed them to McDonald's for a bite to eat. After eating at McDonalds, the men thought they were following the women to their house.

The women told them to go around back to come inside and that's when men armed with assault rifles and a pistol robbed them-- taking jewelry, cash and even their car.

Then Monday night, a female suspect targeted a victim at the WalMart, asking for directions.

The victim says a Hispanic woman, wearing a blonde wig, pulled up in a dark colored Expedition with Texas tags asking the man for directions Monday.  When he walked up to the car, the victim says two Hispanic men with assault rifles accosted him, stole his keys and his car, and shoved him into the Expedition.

They then drove to the back of a Sam's Club across the street from Walmart and made the man strip to his underwear.  According to the incident report, the suspects forced the man back into the car and drove about four to five miles to the 3900 block of 26th Avenue East.  

The victim was eventually dumped on a rural street a few miles away.

Luckily, the three victims were not seriously injured during the robberies. 

Officials said they made significant progress Tuesday and they expect to be making arrests soon.

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