Lost wedding ring discovered by treasure hunter months later

April 23, 2010, their wedding day, was one of the happiest days for Sarah and Les Grigsby.  But June 5, 2013 was one of their saddest.
Les had gone to the Venice dog beach to take their Hungarian bird dogs for a swim. After 10 minutes in the water, Les noticed his wedding ring felt loose.
"And I said, 'I've really got be careful and hang on to this ring; to keep my hand closed,'" Les remembered  thinking at the time.
One of his dogs, Basil, swam up to Les in about five feet of water.
"I grabbed him.  And all of a sudden I realized the ring is gone," he said.
Despite several attempts to locate it, Les couldn't find the ring in the choppy Gulf of Mexico waters.
"After I realized that I couldn't get it back, I was a little distraught.  I was probably crying a little bit," Les explained.
"I felt a little wave of anger, and then I felt compassion for him because I knew he was upset.  He felt really badly about it," said Sarah.
Over the next several months, Les and Sarah would return to the beach and ask the treasure hunters with metal detectors if they had found the titanium ring with blue polka-dots that matched his wife's green polka-doted ring.
But lady luck was not on their side…yet. 
They had given up hope. 
Then, two days before Valentine's day, they saw a note posted on a gate at the beach. The ring had been found near the same spot it was lost. Treasure hunter Mark Desermia had found the needle in the haystack. 
"I jumped up and down, and then jumped in his arms and hugged him," Sarah recalls.
Les couldn't believe it was still there. "It's Amazing. It's totally amazing," he said.
The ring is now back safely on Les's finger.  For two people who found each other late in life, the lost then found ring is a testament to their love. 
"I think it authenticates the reason for the relationship and that it was meant to be," Les said, moments before embracing Sarah and delivering a kiss.
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