Karl Kokomoor says he didn't see anyone on Caspersen Beach when he crash landed there, killing two

ENGLEWOOD, Fl - The 57-year-old pilot who crash landed on Caspersen Beach Sunday, ultimately killing a father and daughter, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon.

Karl Kokomoor did not accompany his wife, daughter and pastor to the press event held in front of Englewood United Methodist Church.

His pastor, Vic Willis, read a statement Kokomoor prepared.

"I send my heartfelt apologies to the Irizarry family for my role in this tragic accident," Kokomoor wrote.

Kokomoor explained he was flying with a neighbor Sunday afternoon when the plane's engine stopped.  He said he tried to get the engine turned back on but realized he was losing altitude fast and would need to make an emergency landing.

According to Kokomoor, he scoured the grand to find a remote area with no people.  He says he noticed the beach and did not see anyone, so he decided it would be best to land there.

Once on the ground and out of the plane, Kokomoor explained that is when he learned he struck Army Sgt. Ommy Irizarry and his nine-year-old daughter Oceana.

Irizarry died at the scene.  Oceana was airlifted to an area hospital and succumbed to her injuries this morning.

"I will keep Rebecca Irizarry and her family in my prayers as long as I live," Kokomoor wrote.

Willis told ABC Action News Kokomoor was too distraught to speak out.

Willis nor Kokomoor's family answered questions.

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