Hypnotherapist credited with weight-loss success

A local hypnotherapist says by just simulating a gastric bypass procedure her clients can drop serious weight.
And her success is now gaining national attention.
"I have been on the roller coaster of weight since I was 8 years old," Jackie Simmons said.
Simmons tried everything to lose weight and keep it off, but it wasn't until she met Rena Greenberg a year and a half ago that an unconventional method finally worked.
"The mind is so powerful and many of us underestimate that," said Greenberg, a hypnotherapist.
Simmons took part in Greenberg's gastric bypass hypnosis program which simulates lap-band surgery.
Without the trip to the hospital, Simmons was able to drop more than 60 pounds and keep it off.
"It wasn't that I couldn't eat things. I could eat whatever I wanted. I could go to a buffet. I could eat whatever I wanted. But what I wanted is what changed, and that was really kind of shocking," Simmons said.
Greenberg said if you think of the mind as a computer, the hypnosis simply resets the program.
"The subconscious part of the mind is always moving towards pleasures, always moving away from pain. It's the way it's wired. So we have to install a new program that says, 'Hey, eating healthy, pushing the plate away, moving our body feels good. That's pleasure,'" said Greenberg.
Simmons said she no longer craves the unhealthy foods that fueled her battle with weight loss.
It has shifted her confidence and changed her life.


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