Despite terror attacks in Russia, local athletes feel safe and continue to train for Olympics

ELLENTON, Fla - Britain's David King and Stacey Kemp continue to train at the Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex.  They're preparing for their second trip to the Olympics.

But their training has been overshadowed by attacks.

"The last 48 hours in Russia have been terrible," said King

The two terror attacks, prompted the British Olympic Committee to reach out to the skaters and others. Officials told them they still believe Sochi will be a safe place for Olympic athletes.

"I know from what we heard that the Russian security is doing everything they can," said King.

King and Kemp said they have some reservations, but after years of intense training, they still plan to compete.

"Obviously our health comes first and if we are advised not to go, we would not go.  But as long as they can assure our safety and they will do everything to keep us safe, we will go," said Kemp.

American pair, Nate Bartholomay and Felicia Zhang are hoping to qualify for the Olympics. They're heading to Nationals next  week.

After three years of practice, they're not going to let the attacks deter them. They feel confident, they will be safe with security forces working together.

"I have full faith in our federation. They know what we need and what we need to do best to compete at the Olympic games," said Zhang.
Bartholomay said, "In that regard, we also really trust the Russians skating federation to really provide support and top level security for an event like this."

The skaters said while they will continue to closely watch the developments in Russia, they will let officials carry out the tasks needed to keep them safe while they focus on their job-- training for the world's largest competition.

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