Burglary suspect flees after 84-year-old home owner confronts him with gun, shoots at getaway car

MANATEE COUNTY - A burglary suspect sped away from a Bradenton house in a hurry after the 84-year-old homeowner confronted him with a pistol.

The homeowner, Anthony Disanto, arrived home Sunday and found a newer-model VW parked in the driveway of his home on the 2800 block of 26th Ave. Dr. W.

As a burglary suspect emerged from the home, Disanto approached him with his gun.

The suspect got into his car, and as he drove away, he hit one of the victim's vehicles.

Disanto warned the suspect that he would shoot and the suspect drove through the yard and onto the road.

As he was driving down the street, Disanto fired two shots.

Disanto told officials he believes one shot hit the door of the suspect's car.

Another shot fired by Disanto hit a neighbor's car in the rear window.

The victim's car that was struck by Disanto sustained no noticeable damage.

Officials are searching for the burglary suspect.

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