SUV crashes through Bradenton house leaving 11 people without a home for Christmas

Two Bradenton families will be celebrating Christmas inside a hotel after a SUV crashed into their home last Thursday. 
11 people, including nine under the age of 18, shared a home together at 3124 9th Street East. Several of them were home when the crash happened and described it sounding like a bomb went off inside.
"I just saw debris fly everywhere. Everything went from one side of the house to another," said Marcus Anderson, 18.
It's unknown what caused the driver to crash.
A warning sign is now posted on the property and the house has been deemed unlivable. 
With the help of the Red Cross, the two families have been living at the Day's Inn since Thursday. Their assistance, however, is about to run out. 
"I just want us to get a house, be in a house, be in something to call home," Anderson said through tears.

Neither family has any form of transportation. Their biggest fear is that they'll eventually be split up. 
"Sometimes you want to break down, but this ain't the time," said Bridgett Bacon, a mom of seven. "Everything is pretty much up in the air."
They still have belongings inside the home, but they tell us they have not been allowed back inside to retrieve them.
The plan is to spend Christmas together inside their hotel room. 
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