Neighbors marched east Bradenton streets a day after a gunman killed a father of four

Neighbors walked the streets of east Bradenton as dusk settled Monday night, holding candles and praying, hoping to bring a glimmer of light to an area that's grown dark with violence.


"They're tired of the pain. They're tired of being threatened," explained Maria Quezada.


Quezada planned to help Enrique Medina and his wife renew their vows next month. Instead, she will bury her husband, killed by a gunman early Sunday morning.


According to the Bradenton Police Department, a masked man broke into two homes on the 2200 block of 15th Avenue East. After stealing a couple cell phones and $190 cash, he ran off.


Medina was outside cleaning up after his 12-year old daughter's birthday party. The gunman shot him and continued to flee. Now, a cross of candles marks the spot where Medina died.


Kevin Medina, 3, is his youngest son, and still unaware of what happened to his dad.


"We will tell him because it's the right thing to do. Just not now. He's very small," explained Ivan Medina.


Medina's murder comes just two months after, and less than a mile away from where a gunman killed a man outside a pee-wee football practice. Days after that, a drive-by shooting left nearby homes and cars riddled with bullet holes.


Though police ordered extra patrols around the area, neighbors weren't scared off by the threat of more violence. A group of 50 walked side by side pleading with God and anyone else who might listen, especially the gunman.


"We hope that he is watching, maybe us right now, maybe watching the news. We're hoping that he sees this and sees all the pain that he caused," Quezada said.


"The only way to get rid of something bad is to start with something good."

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