National plug in day celebrates electric cars and their benefits

SARASOTA, Fla. - Forrest Shaw's 1969 Volkswagen VW Squareback is his vision of classic car turned modern. You have to take a close look under the hood to see the difference.

"It is so cool to recycle and it gives you the electric smile," said Shaw.

Forrest transformed the yellow car, that once ran on fuel, into an electric car. Batteries now take the place where an engine once sat.

"It's not a car it's an electric car," said Shaw's daughter.

Forrest invested close to seven thousand dollars to transform his vehicle. Right now, it takes 12 batteries to power the car, and in the long run saves him a bundle.

"It costs about 25 cents to 75 cents to charge it and you are good to go for the next day," he said.

Forrest is one of many across the country celebrating "National Plug in Day." It is a day geared toward drawing attention to environmental, economic and other benefits of plug in electric vehicles.

In Sarasota a very silent parade of plug in cars hit the road, showing off and even highlighting some like an electric Porsche. The city is among many across the nation making it easier to be an electric car owner. There are nine spots where the cars can plug in.

Further North in Temple Terrace residents celebrated much in the same fashion. Showing off new electric car charging stations. The mayor said going green is a big part of his city.

"We promote it and not only promote it, but live it," said Mayor Joe Affronti.

Forrest said the switch helped in more ways than one.

"No more fuel. No more stopping at the gas station. It is fantastic," he said.

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