Muffling the noise of I-75: Small Bradenton neighborhood wants a sound wall put up

BRADENTON, Fla. - Open up Teryn Daysh's back door to her Bradenton home and all you can hear is the loud rumble of traffic on Interstate 75.

"Some days it's louder than others," Daysh said.

The interstate sits just a few hundred feet from her backyard.


"Definitely on our street that's what we all talk about is the noise issue and that we wish that something could be done about it," Daysh said.


What they want is a sound wall built on I-75 from State Road 70 to the Linder Lodge overpass. People living in  this small Bradenton neighborhood have fought to get one for over 10 years. "Nothing has been done yet," Daysh said.


"Interstate 75 in that area was there long before the Tara development was there," Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Rubin Stublen said.


Some of those living at the Preserve of Tara are upset about a new project just couple miles up the road at I-75 and University Parkway. FDOT will be putting in a sound wall there. The agency says the only reason they are doing it is because of improvements it is making to the roadway.


"It's not a sound wall that we're just putting up as a just stand-alone with no additional construction," Stublen said. "It is part of that interchange improvement project that we will have going on there."


The project will widen I-75 to eight lanes. To do that, FDOT had to do a federally-required sound study. In that study residents who would be directly affected voted to have a sound wall constructed.


"I'm not sure why they were able to do it up the road but not in our neighborhood," Daysh said.


FDOT officials say it's because they can only consider a sound wall when there's a modification of an existing roadway, something they plan to do with a design study in a few years at State Road 70 and I-75.


"The individuals that are impacted vote to have a sound wall. Then and only then will a sound wall be constructed as part of the overall improvement project at that interchange," Stublen said.


That gives Daysh hope of possibly seeing a sound wall in the near future, finally muffling the sound of I-75 in her backyard.

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