Manatee deputy shot after a bank robbery pursuit

BRADENTON, Fla - UPDATE: Sheriff deputies later identified the suspect as Ross Crisman.

Rebecca Rue had just been running errands in the vicinity of 33rd Street East and 53rd Avenue East in Bradenton when she felt something.

"My truck shook, " Rue said. "I thought that maybe my tire blew out. I just had it checked."

But then Rue saw a flurry of activity. She knew then it had to have been a bullet that struck her truck on the driver side door.

"I just thank the almighty that I am alive today," Rue said.

She's lucky it's just one. Across the street from this strip mall, Walt Mooney couldn't believe what was happening steps from his home.

"We heard a bunch of gunfire and we looked outside and the deputies were coming around and kept coming and coming," said Mooney.

Sheriff Brad Steube said the driver of the truck, led them on a pursuit for several miles after holding up a Florida Bank on University Parkway

"At two places along the way, deputies were able to throw stop sticks," Steube said.

The truck slowed at a strip mall, but the Steube said the suspect wasn't ready to give up

"The suspect leaned out of his car and fired and shot one of our deputies," said Steube.

Lt. Bob Mealy, 52, an 18-year veteran is expected to be OK. Stub said the bullet went through his right arm. But his deputies responded with heavy gunfire. They put the mall on lockdown, but everything happened so quickly they couldn't warn nearby residents.

"No we did not have time to evacuate, unfortunately," said Steube. "We are very fortunate that there was only one person that was injured."
Rue said she is taking time today to appreciate life.

"I just thought my tire blew out and it was a gunshot," she said.

Sheriff deputies found money in Crisman's car.

Investigators are unsure whether he died from deputies' gunfire or from a self-inflicted gunshot.

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