Kathleen Brile's husband believes Delmar Smith deserves the death penalty

State to seek death penalty during sentencing

PALMETTO, Fla. - Emotions ran high as Kathleen Briles' husband and family gathered around her grave the day after a Manatee County jury found Delmar Smith guilty of her murder.

"I cried my eyes out until I was dry that is what I did," said Dr.James Briles.

During a meeting with the press Dr.James Briles thanked everyone involved in his wife's case.

"They gave a voice to my wife Kathleen and it was heard," he said.

Justice for his wife did not happen overnight.

It was three years ago, that Dr.James Briles returned home and found his wife, Kathleen's, body in their Terra Ceia home.

In those three years, the one thing that he has never seen from her killer is remorse.

"What I was really doing was watching Delmar Smith who had no emotions what so ever. He was completely blank just as he has been through the entire process," he said.

While her family now knows Smith will pay for this crime, they struggle to fill the void caused by Kathleen's murder.

"There is a while in my heart and I am sure there is in everyone of my sister's hearts," said Judy Moore, Kathleen's sister.

Delmar Smith is currently serving a life sentence for a violent home invasion case in Sarasota. Investigators say he is also a main suspect in other home invasion cases in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

"There are other victims out there who may never get a chance to have their day in court and I would like to have them consider this a victory for them as well," said Dr.Briles.

Doctor Briles believes Smith deserves the death penalty and the state agrees.

On Tuesday, that state will seek the death penalty during the sentencing phase of Smith's trial.

"I don't think that being in the general prison population is as much of a punishment for Delmar Smith," said Dr.Briles.

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