DUI Bradenton suspect leads deputy on low-speed chase, pulling off at 15 mph

Chase caught on camera

BRADENTON, Fla. - A 40-year-old man driving under the influence was arrested after leading officers on a low speed chase that never exceeded 40 miles per hour Tuesday night, according to Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

A deputy initiated a traffic stop with Santiago Bonilla after noticing the driver couldn't maintain a single lane and was driving erratically at 11:335 p.m.

Bonilla initially pulled over into a store parking lot at 5640 14 Street W to comply with the officer.

But after about 30 seconds, the deputy said Bonilla pulled out to 57 th Ave W. driving about 15 miles per hour.

It looked like Bonilla was going to pull into another parking lot. The deputy followed the driver with his sirens on and the driver sped up and headed north on 16 th street west.

The chase went on for two blocks, never going past 40 mph.

When Bonilla reached a stop sign at 55 th Ave, he didn't stop in time, and ran off the road into soft grass, where he stopped.

The deputy conducted field sobriety tests on Bonilla and the suspect failed them all.

Bonilla was arrested for DUI. The entire incident was recorded on the deputy's dash camera.

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