Dr. Chapalamadugu sentenced to year for fondling patient's breast, squeezing buttom

Patient: He squeezed me as if I were play dough

BRADENTON - A Bradenton doctor who admitted to fondling and squeezing a female patient's body parts was sentenced to a year in prison Wednesday, according to the Bradenton Herald.

The victim told officials that in a 2009 examination, Dr. Gangadahararao Chapalamadugu lifted her shirt, touched her breasts, then turned her around and pressed his body against her back. She told police he squeezed her butt as if it were play dough.

He continued to fondle her, then turned her around and placed his mouth on her chest before she pushed him away and said, "You know that's not right," the police report stated.

Police put a hidden camera and a microphone on the victim when she returned to the doctor's office for another exam about two weeks later.

During the exam, she told Chapalamadugu that he owed her an apology.

He apologized, and voluntarily gave up his medical license after other allegations began to surface from different female patients.

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