Deputies: Man checking out some new accessories on gun accidentally shoots his roommate

22-year-old Austin Bruson died


The nightmare for Austin Brunson and Kyle Guessford  began Friday evening inside the apartment they shared in Bradenton. 


Gail and Walter Mays live directly across from the apartment. "I heard like an explosion. Like a bomb.," Gail said. 


What she heard was a gunshot going off in apartment 17. A few seconds later both her and her husband saw two men come running out. "Then they said the gun went off, the gun went off," Gail said.


One of the men was Kyle Guessford. Deputies with Manatee County say Guessford had purchased some new accessories for a gun he owned. As he switched the gun-mounted flashlight on, the gun fired. The bullet hit Brunson in the head. "Then Kyle went back in there, cause the door was open, and he was saying Austin stay with us, stay with us. You're stronger than that," Gail said.


Sadly Brunson died. He was just 22-years old. Brunson's brother was also at the apartment. Both Gail and Walter spoke to him and his parents saying all were very distraught. "The brother was asleep on the couch when the gun went off. It was right behind where his head was," Walter said.


"The dad was just into pieces," Gail said.


The Mays say this shooting demonstrates how careful people must be when handling guns, because one wrong move can take someone's life in the blink of an eye. "My prayers are wit the family and God is going to help them through this," Gail said.


No charges are expected to be filed against Guessford since this all appears to be a tragic accident.

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