Bradenton mom spots burglar on surveillance camera and calls police

From her cellphone, Cindy Lemus, a pregnant mother of two, could see something wasn't right.
Lemus had logged onto her Ipolis mobile app from her office in Lakewood Ranch to check in on the two surveillance cameras she installed inside her Bradenton home after a break-in this past April.
She had no idea she was about to witness a stranger burglarizing her home in real time. 
"I'm like, 'There is someone in my house,'" Lemus said. "My coworkers were right around me, and we were all watching my phone like it was a soap opera. We couldn't believe it!"
The video starts off showing one man casing the house located near the intersection of 13th Avenue West and Seventh Street West. Several minutes later, it shows another man in the family's living room putting on gloves and scooping up items into a backpack.
"He looks right at the camera and doesn't notice it's there," said Lemus who called 911 from her office.
"I'm on the phone with the operator and she's like, 'What is he doing now?' I'm like, 'He's in my bedroom.' 'Where is he now?' 'Oh he's on the side of the house,'" she recalled.
With her eyes glued to the grainy images of a stranger holding her family's possessions -- jewelry, gifts from the kids, a laptop -- Lemus watched as her directions to dispatch led police directly to the burglar in a matter of minutes. 
"There is no better feeling than to see that person squirm," she said with a smile.
The feeling of relief finally set in for Lemus the moment she saw the armed officers enter her house and take away the crook in cuffs.
Bradenton Police later identified the arrested man as Samuel Castro, 36. 
Castro's criminal history includes prior charges of burglary. 
"You feel so violated," said Lemus.
Lemus, a renter, said she's already planning to pack up and move her family as soon as possible. But one thing is certain, they're definitely taking the cameras with them.
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