Bradenton homeowner has 90 days to meet codes

A Manatee County homeowner who turned his home into a patriotic protest symbol has 90 days to comply with code enforcement officers.
Brent Greer has said the City of Bradenton singled him out when it threatened daily fines for cosmetic code violations at his home.
"They are threatening the future of my children," said Greer, a foster father to seven children.
A fine of $250 a day – that's what Greer says the City of Bradenton  threatened if exterior renovations on a home he's owned since 1950 aren't made.
"All cosmetic, 100 percent cosmetic," said Greer, regarding the fixes he's been ordered to make. "Absolutely nothing structural. Nothing that was a safety issue to anyone."
In protest, he painted his home in stars and stripes in April.
In February the city received an anonymous complaint, which led code enforcement officers to document several issues with the home. 
The list included damage to the roof and windows. It also noted chipped paint and exposed electrical wiring, among other issues.
Greer said while he understands the city’s requests, he said the fixes should be on his time and budget.
"Technically it may need to be painted, according to the city, but we have seven kids. We're foster parents," said Greer. "The time that it takes to help other children out is far more important than the time [it would take to] paint this."
Since then, a group called Guardian Angels of Southwest Florida has worked with the Greer family to comply with the city.
But as the family walked into city hall for the hearing, they wondered whether the work would be enough to satisfy city officials.
The Greers and their seven children turned out hoping their patriotic protest would pay off. With a 90-day extension on the table, officials made their decision for leniency.
Guardian Angels of Southwest Florida says it will continue to work to bring the home up to city standards within the 90-day window.


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