5-year-old-boy accidentally shot in a drive-by shooting hopes to get a service dog

Mother started account to help raise money for dog

Davien Martinez is like any other 5-year-old, making jokes and playing with toys.
But if you take a closer look, you will find scars from a terrifying morning in June 2013.
"Even now every once in a while we'll be laying down in bed getting ready to go to sleep and he'll ask me why did this happen to him, why did somebody shoot him," his mother Diana Lopez said.
Davien's troubles began at a house where he and his mother used to live. A drive-by shooting nearby sent a stray bullet through a bedroom window, hitting him in the head. 
“It went down and across his face and lodged in his jaw," Lopez said.
The bullet also tore through Davien's optic nerve, leaving him blind in his right eye. Since the shooting he's been in and out of the hospital.
"Physically he's back to normal," Lopez said. "We're just trying to deal with all the mental stuff. The PTSD, the anxiety, the mood disorder, the impulse disorder."
Davien's mother believes she found a way to help her son – a service dog.
"The dog will wake him up during a nightmare and then stay with him until he's recovered from the nightmare," Lopez said. "When he starts getting his impulses and getting that high anxiety level, the dog will sense that and do different things to help him calm down."
Canines 4 Hope is Palm City is willing to train a service dog specifically for Davien.
"The training takes four months to do, and then we would go up there for four days and they would train with Davien,” Lopez said.
The only set back is the cost. Lopez needs $11,000. It's money she hopes to raise with a Go Fund Me Account. She hopes getting a service dog will help give her son his normal life back.
To donate money, visit GoFundMe.com/DavienServiceDog .
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