Bradenton Good Samaritan singlehandedly saves home from fire

BRADENTON, Fla. - A Bradenton family is thanking their Good Samaritan neighbor who put out their early morning house fire with a small fire extinguisher.

John Edyvean says he was asleep when his daughter came to wake him up about the neighbor's fire across the street.
He quickly grabbed his small fire extinguisher and went in without a second thought.
"I couldn't see, it was so black, I had to duck down, and I walked. There was a wooden dresser over there, and I just hit it, hit, and hit it again," Edyvean said.
The smoke was so thick the soot stained the walls of the home where a family of four lives.

Luckily the family was able to make it out along with their dog, and Edyvean was able to put the fire out by the time firefighters from Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue showed up on scene.
"I wasn't really thinking, I was just trying to save a life or a kid's life that might have been in here," he said.
Fire Rescue says the fire started with grease that was left on the stove unattended, and it quickly became something much worse.
And even though neighbors or Good Samaritans might want to help, they don't recommend people do what John Edyvean did.
"Absolutely not. We don't recommend it. The intentions were honorable, but the dynamics of fire for an untrained person could be critical," said Div. Chief Alexander Lobeto with Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue.
While John was able to spare the home from further damage, he doesn't consider himself a hero.
"I just hit it again and it was out, and I was like ‘man!' I just walked back out. Everybody was asking me, ‘well are you going to wait for the ambulance?' And I said ‘naw, I'm going back to bed,'" Edyvean said.
The family will be able to return to their home within several days.
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