Beehive stolen from Manatee County resident

Peggy Powell of Holmes Beach has put together a replacement beehive after she says someone recently swiped hers in the middle of the night.
"Shame on you. You don't steal things,” she said.
Powell’s original hive was a five-year-old, mature hive containing more than 1,000 bees. It wasn’t a business. She gave away the honey to family and friends. 
"You're just stunned because you know it has to be someone who is dealing with bees,” said Powell. 
Holmes Beach police detectives said they are following up on several promising leads, and the person responsible could face felony grand theft or burglary charges. 
"Well somebody needs to do something. You can't go around stealing people's stuff,” Powell said.  
Powell said she’d taken over care of the initial hive in March after a friend passed away.
"He'd done his bucket list and this was on it – to do a bee hive,” she said. “He'd be mad.”
Powell has placed a new lock on the gate surrounding the property where the replacement bee hive is kept.
"We've revamped it. We have a new queen and we have new bees and we're going to make it work,” she said.  
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