A Manatee County man playing video games online had his door broken down by police with guns drawn

BRADENTON, Fla - Bradenton Police is searching for the person who prank called 911 on Sunday morning claiming an armed man shot his wife, leading officers to break down a man's front door.

Mike Dolan, 31, told ABC Action News he was live streaming his online session of the video game Minecraft when he turned to find guns drawn and aimed at his face.

"Oh my God!" Dolan screams on a recording of his encounter with SWAT Team members.

Anyone subscribed to his channel was able to watch him get handcuffed and see the terror on his face.

"They're armed. They are point right at me...I was terrified," Dolan said.

According to Bradenton Police Lt. Jeremy Giddens, 911 dispatchers received a 911 call from someone purporting to be Dolan's 12-year-old daughter. 

Thinking they had an active shooter, 15 armed officers were sent to Dolan's house, Giddens said.

"The person that called said 'I [am] an ex military with an assault rifle. I'd been drinking. Killed my wife in the kitchen,'" said Dolan, who doesn't have a 12-year-old.

Soon after, his front door was broken down. His 7- and 8-year-old daughters and his wife were asleep inside the home.

Giddens said once police saw the children and wife were not hurt, they realized it was all a hoax.

The hoax is called "swatting."

An anonymous person, usually another gamer or someone logged into the online game, uses software to disguise their phone number, identity and location. They then make a prank call that causes a SWAT Team to respond to a person's home.

The FBI estimates roughly 400 people are swatted per year.

"They are doing this because they're hoping you get shot. They're hoping you get injured so they can see it on a live screen," Dolan said.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have fallen victim. There have also been cases in Colorado, Texas and Washington. Some of the hoaxes have ended with gunfire and people having heart attacks.

A Texas man convicted of committing the hoax is now facing five years in prison.

"They put my life in danger purposely for entertainment," Dolan said.

Dolan wants it to be game over for the prankster and is providing police with lists of usernames.

Police said they are pursuing the suspect and will press charges.

"This was a very tense situation," Giddens said.

Since the ordeal, Dolan's wife and children have left the house. Dolan said his wife cannot even watch the video because of the terrified look on his face.

He said his family is having a hard time sleeping.

"The girls won't sleep in their beds," he said.

Dolan now has to fix his front door. Until he can get a new door, he has nailed plywood across it, rendering the entryway inaccessible.

ABC Action News requested the 911 call.  to be released Tuesday morning.

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