35 arrested in Manatee County child sex sting dubbed Operation Green Shepherd II

BRADENTON, Fla. - Thirty-five men have been arrested by Manatee County Sheriff's detectives during an undercover child sex sting.

According to Sheriff Brad Steube, the arrests were made as part of a week-long sting called "Operation Green Shepherd II," which ended at midnight, Monday.

Among those arrested are a registered nurse and Tampa teacher Philip G. Kornell, 40.  Kornell is a teacher at Chamberlain High School.

Detectives went online and set up meetings with men, who thought they were going to meet up with a juvenile for sex.  Once the defendants arrived at a meeting place, they were greeted by detectives.

"There are situations where we are chatting with people and they do tell us we think you are cop, we think this is setup, but the still come down unfortunately," said Detective Jaime Rivera, who posed as a child online.

Another undercover detective said many of the those arrested where instructed to bring things to the house like condoms and in once case value meal from McDonalds.  Both men showed up with those things.

All 35 have been arrested and face a variety of charges that include: Traveling to Seduce/Solicit/Entice a Child to Commit Sexual Act, Use of a Computer to Seduce/ Solicit/Entice a Child to Commit Sexual Act and Attempted Lewd and Lascivious.

Hillsborough County Public School officials say an automated call went out to all parents on Monday informing them Kornell would not be returning to the school.

"One of our newest teachers, Mr. Kornell, has been arrested in Manatee County," explained Principal Thomas Morrill in the automated message.  "He's been charged with a serious crime of solicitation via the internet.  None of the allegations involve students or staff."

Those arrested include: Earl C. Bowman, Ricardo Cantu, Octavio H. Soto-Toro, Victor Ruyan, Steven Lano, Oliver B. Paul, Nicholas C. May, Ronald R. Sunny, Bryan Torres Deleon, Brion A. Bennett, Renald Mesidor, Dustin Smith, Stephen B. Yates, Tyler Mahar, Genesis Sanchez, Gregory Tefft Jr., Brian Thomas, Daniel Konovalchuk, Philip G. Kornell, Scott Ryan, Dana Crawford-Law, Matthew Trottier, Stuard Meythaler, Alexander McInnis, Keith Rados, Ryan Vartanian, Julio C. Rodriguez, Chris Wysman, Hector Rodriguez, Robert A. Dunn, Jackson Greenwood, Justin Ferguson, Michael Kinser and Santiago Sanchez-Jaramillo.


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