Polk County estimates Debby will cost about $5 million

More than 115 homes in Polk County suffered damage

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - It may take days or weeks before officials in the bay area will have a clearer picture on the price of Tropical Storm Debby, but some early estimates are trickling in.

In Polk County, the cost of storm damage is in the range of $5 million. Most of it is from the tornadoes in Winter Haven and Lake Wales on Sunday.

So far, 115 homes have been impacted by the storms.

William Dundore is one those victims.

"I have insulation missing.  That's going to have to be replaced.  I have tar paper damaged, that's going to have to be replaced.  I've got trusses damaged, those will need to be repaired," he said.

Four days after the tornado hit his neighborhood, contractors are already on site patching up his home and cleaning debris around it.

"I will not be surprised if this doesn't go to $80,000 or $100,000," Dundore said.

Others in the neighborhood are in much worse shape. Dundore's next door neighbor lost their entire roof -- that home is likely destroyed.

"So any negative thoughts kind of evaporate pretty quickly when you see what it could have been," he said.

What surprises him is how this tornado could cause more damage to his home and neighborhood than the three hurricanes combined in 2004.

Regardless, both brought destruction and a hefty price tag.

Polk County officials ask all residents with storm damage to call Polk County's Citizen's Information Line at (863) 401-2234 (locally) or toll-free (866) 661-0228.

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