Police: Newspaper deliveryman shoots allegedly drunken man tapping on window with gun

Man shot 3 times expected to survive

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - After allegedly firing off his gun four times Sunday morning, Brian Scott Dickey II walked up to two newspaper deliverers, tapped on the window with the gun and demanded they opened the door, according to Winter Haven Police. But, the people in the car weren't who he thought they were.

One of the newspaper deliverers, Douglas Romeo, reached into a lockbox, pulled out his own gun and shot Dickey three times through the window.

WHPD spokesperson Jamie Brown said the altercation began when Dickey started following Romeo and Tiffany Simo as they delivered Lakeland Ledger newspapers in the area of West Lake Cannon Terrace in Winter Haven around 2:50 a.m. Sunday.

"The carriers stopped to prepare a few more papers for delivery when they heard four pops," Brown said. Dickey had allegedly discharged four rounds from a .380 Bersa handgun. "Before they realized what was happening, Dickey was at the driver's side banging on the window."

A person in the area heard the shots and called 911, followed by a 911 call from the victims. Listen to the 911 call for help here.

By the time police arrived, Dickey had left the scene, Brown said. He had been wounded three times: under the right collarbone, below that wound and a third round grazed his right arm.

"A short time later, another call to 911 was received about a man who ... at Dickey's resident," with gunshot wounds, Brown said -- less than half a mile from the shooting scene. Officers found Dickey at the home and he was transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center by ambulance.

"After interviewing other residents at the home," Brown said, "it was determined that Dickey had consumed a large amount of alcohol earlier in the evening."

Investigators said Dickey got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend and she contacted Dickey's brother to come and intervene. When Dickey's brother arrived at the home, they argued and it escalated. The brother left the home and Dickey got then gun and drove off to locate his brother.

He followed a vehicle, which he thought was his brother's vehicle, but it wasn't.

"This guy got much more than he bargained for," Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester said in a statement Sunday. "These victims feared for their lives and did exactly what they needed to do. This could have turned out so much worse than it did."

Dickey remained at Lakeland Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries Sunday evening.  

Brown said he will be booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm in public.

Romeo is not facing charges. Brown said he possess a valid State of Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

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