Fireworks that explode into Lego bricks is main attraction during Legoland's 4th of July celebration

This is Legoland's first July 4th event

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - Legoland Florida celebrated its first Fourth of July holiday Wednesday with special, patriotic activities planned throughout the park.

The inaugural event culminates with fireworks in the park at 9pm.  Guests can wear special glasses that will turn the fireworks into millions of exploding bricks.

"This is our very first 4th of July celebration and we're very excited to kick off red, brick, and boom, an annual event we'll have," said Samantha Lane, Legoland Spokesperson.

In one area of the park, guests could build their own stars out of Legos and attach it to a giant Lego American flag -- the first one at the park.

Families came from near and far to take part in the activities. The Bennett Family came in from Long Island, New York.

"We actually planned it so that we are here in on the 4th of July because we heard there are some big fireworks tonight," Amy Bennett said.

As the park inches closer to its one year anniversary, people in Winter Haven are looking back at the year it has been.

"It's a win for all these businesses, there's no doubt about it," said Stan Jayne, Owner of Hurricane Grill and Wings just down the road from Legoland.

He says whether it's employees or guests, the park has brought more people into his restaurant especially during the slow season.

"Everyone in at least the restaurant business complains about, oh it's the dogs days, and we can't wait for the snowbirds to come back," he said "(but) our business is up 15 percent over last year."

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