Convicted felon opens fire in the middle of Winter Haven street

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - A convicted felon is behind bars after he allegedly opened fire on another car in the middle of First Street and Post Avenue SW in Winter Haven.

According to Winter Haven police, Robert Hunt, 23, was at the 7-11 convenience store on Friday when he saw Roland Sharon who he knew through a friend.

Hunt, acting aggressively, asked Sharon to get money for him out of the ATM machine inside the store. The two went into the store to complete the transaction only to find it was broken.

Hunt demanded that they go to a bank so Sharon could get him the money he was demanding. Sharon was becoming more suspicious of Hunt's behavior and was able to convenience him that they drive separately to the bank.

As they started to head out Sharon saw the opportunity to get rid of Hunt and attempted to drive away. He swerved through the parking lot of Citi Center on First Street, but Hunt pulled a gun and started to fire shots.

Sharon still attempted to flee from Hunt, but got caught in traffic at the intersection of First Street and Post Avenue SW. Hunt continued to fire shots at Sharon's car.

He was eventually able to make a U-turn and successfully get away from Hunt.

Winter Haven police were able to locate Hunt after receiving several leads from witnesses. Hunt was tracked down to Cocoa Beach were he was arrested and charged with first degree murder, shooting at an occupied dwelling, attempted armed robbery and felon possession of a firearm.

He has previously served him in jail for aggravated assault and drug charges.

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