Accidents on Winter Haven road worry residents about future safety.

Spike Sterling and his wife Christine enjoy sitting outside in their lounge chairs under their lanai.

"These are our favorite chairs, but look right behind us," Spike said, gesturing over his shoulder.

Hedges destroyed, a gaping hole in the fence, and a huge column lay just beyond the pool screen.

"Something has to be done before somebody ends up getting severely hurt or dead," said Sterling.

Just five days ago, and for the second time in the last seven months, a car lost control on the long, sweeping right-hand curve along Buckeye Loop Rd. and crashed through the fence into the yard near their home.

"They come around here at a high rate of speed, they twitch the wheel;  the next thing they're in my yard, that's what I think is happening," explained Sterling.

The Sterling's aren't alone in their concerns. There have been other accidents along the curve that ended in vehicles coming into yards. 

"It's very frustrating," said Carl Sweeter.

Sweeter lives along the curve and describes the accident that happened near his home.

"I was in the house, where I live right here and I heard a loud noise and I came outside.  This tree had gone down, this fence is down and the car was upside down on the lawn over here," Sweeter recalled, pointing toward the hedges. 

Polk County's Transportation Division says now that they are aware of the situation - it will investigate whether a guardrail is needed - and will have an answer soon.

"Somebody has to take responsibility to fix the problem we have here," said Sterling.

Christine Sterling feels like a solution should happen quickly.

"It needs some deterrent to stop it.  I'm not sure where or how, but someone needs to do something now," she said.


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