Winter Haven police say they have made a second arrest in the Alicia Barnett murder case

WINTER HAVEN - Winter Haven police announced they have arrested a second suspect in the shooting death of Alicia Barnett, 18.

Ethan Deshaun Lucas, 20, has now been charged with first degree murder. He was arrested at his Lake Alfred home Thursday.

"Not guilty," said Lucas as he was taken to a squad car Thursday night.  "Not guilty of what you accusing me of."

Barnett was found shot on a walking trail just a quarter mile from New Beginnings High School on the morning of November 12.

At the time, neighbors told police they heard multiple gunshots.

Police have already charged Antonio Callaway, 19, with Barnett's murder.  Callaway was Barnett's classmate.  Police believe Lucas was the shooter.

Detectives believe Callaway and Lucas lured Barnett to the trail under the guise of making a drug deal.  It was there that detectives say Callaway and Lucas robbed Barnett of marijuana she had and then shot her multiple times.

When Barnett's body was found the school was put on lockdown.

Principal Ashlee Wright said Alicia was "a joy, just to be around her presence."

"What is disturbing is Lucas has been in the criminal justice system since he was 12," said Police Chief Gary Hester.

Hester said the system failed Barnett because Lucas should have been taken off the streets sooner.

"She'd still be alive today," Hester added.

Lucas told ABC Action News he has an alibi for the morning of the murder.

"I was at home," Lucas explained.

Records, according to Hester, indicate Lucas has been charged at least 18 times.  He has been convicted or adjudicated ten times for five felonies and five misdemeanors including attempted murder. Lucas was adjudicated in June 2009 for attempted murder and was committed to a secure facility.

Prior charges against Lucas include robbery, battery, carrying a concealed weapon/fiream, felony fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer and possession of alcohol by a minor.

Lucas was charged with a burglary two days after he turned 12, said Hester.

"Lucas is the poster child for how the juvenile justice system works-or rather fails our citizens.

He was released from secured custody in April 2012 and was on conditional release and under the supervision of a Department of Juvenile Justice probation officer.

As for Callaway, police say he is a known associate of criminal street gang members and also had numerous arrests as a juvenile including attempted first degree murder, which involved a drive by shooting in Polk County. The court eventually dropped those charges.

"They were both thugs," said Chief Hester when asked how the two suspects were acquainted.

Police said this is the second murder in the Barnett family within the past year.  A few month's before Alicia was gunned down, her sister was killed.

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