Winter Haven Police say New Beginnings victim was killed by her classmate in November

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester didn't mince words when introducing murder suspect Antonio Donte Callaway.  He called him a thug. 

Callaway is a career criminal, who at the age of 19, lured a fellow New Beginnings High School student -- 19 year-old Alicia Dorene Barnett to an area near Carefree Cove in Winter Haven under promises of making a drug deal. 

Instead, authorities say, Callaway and at least one other suspect robbed and shot the young woman leaving her for dead on November 12.

Chief Hester told us that the crime was totally senseless.  "I'm agitated," he said.  "It's kids and teenagers killing kids and teenagers."

Chief Hester also announced that detectives are still actively looking for another suspect, who he refused to name.  A $5,000 reward set up through Heartland Crimestoppers may help break the case. 

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