Two Polk County mothers start home business to find the perfect balance of work and motherhood

LAKELAND, Fla. - It's a big dilemma for mom's everywhere: how do you balance work and motherhood?

Two mothers in Polk County found the answer inside a box of baby wipes.

"The ones that were on the market were just cheaply made," said Amy Bonini about the cases available to hold baby wipes.

One day Bonini and her friend of ten years, Lisa Anne Kleine decided there had to be a better way to lug around baby wipes.

Within a week, the creative Polk County duo formed the business called Uber Mom.

Soon after, they launched their first stylish produce: The Wipebox.

"We like to be stylish in everything we do and I think most moms -- parents in general -- like to bring aesthetic to everything they carry," Kleine said. 

The pair stated their business by selling the plastic boxes through their web site and on Amazon. Eventually they started selling in local boutiques, and then the business exploded.

Since last june, they sold more than 50-thousand wipe boxes -- so many that they turned Lisa's garage into a small warehouse.

Uber Mom recently got some help from a nice celebrity endorsement. Sarah Michelle Gellar called it one of her "favorite things" in US Weekly.

The mom's also got a shout out in the Mom's Inventors Handbook, which is the same book that inspired them to startup the business.

"There's a big movement with mompenuers out there and it's because mom's do it all," Kleine said. "They're creative and innovative, and if there's a problem we fix it."

The best part for these best friends, the business lets the stay at home and be with their kids.

They're inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs along the way.

"I want to maybe start my own business when I get older, or maybe take over this one," said Aliana Kleine, Lisa's daughter.

What started as a simple idea is now much more than just a business.

"Motherhood is about us being with our kids. Nothing brings us more joy than that," she said.

You can learn more about the Uber Mom products by visiting their web site,

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