Three more Polk County men arrested for Tampa robbery, murder

Tampa PD say men were motivated by greed and money

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - A total of five Polk County men are now in jail for what Tampa Police say started as a robbery and led to murder.  

The latest arrests came Monday night at a motel next to a small airport in Winter Haven.  There, deputies picked up Shadow Hill and Tyler Robertson.

"They started hollering, 'get down, get down," said Michael Roberts, who lives next door.  "Next thing I know they have him handcuffed, sitting out here."

Earlier on Monday, authorities arrested Chase Morgan at his Mom's house nearby.  Morgan is a juvenile.

The three men, along with Kermit Sanford and Tanner Harrison who investigators arrested over the weekend, will be brought back to Tampa to face charges of murder.

The men are accused of robbing Robert Blackman at his Tampa home last week. Police found his body inside his burned home. Investigators believe the men lit the home on fire to cover up evidence.

"I don't think they perceived driving over from Polk county was that much out of the way if they thought there was enough money to split it five ways," said Laura McElroy, Public Information Officer for Tampa PD.

Investigators now say that one of the five suspects knew Blackman. They're not saying which one, but they believe that person orchestrated the robbery, and got the others to help with the crime.

"We believe they knew that Blackman had money at his home and the whole goal was to go there and rob him," she said. "In the end he lost his life in the process."

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