Suspect's roommate tells dispatcher he came face-to-face with an assault rifle

ORLANDO, Fla - Hearing his dorm's fire alarm sounding, Arabo Babakhani told a 911 dispatcher he opened up his bedroom door to see what was going on only to come face-to-face with the barrel of an assault rifle.

"My roommate, he just pulled a gun on me," said Babakhani.

In the five minute long call, a fire alarm could be heard in the background.  At times, it was difficult for the dispatcher to understand what Babakhani was telling him.  The dispatcher even asked Babakhani to find a quieter place to talk.

At this point, Babakhani had no idea of the sinister plan his roommate, James Oliver Seevakumaran, 30, planned to carry out early Monday morning.

The University of Central Florida student planned to massacre his fellow students.  Police say he ordered more than $700 worth of weapons online including ammunition.  Inside his room in a backpack, police also found IEDs.

In a press conference Tuesday, University Police Chief Richard Beary said Seevakumaran had written out a detailed list of the actions he hoped to check off including getting drunk and then pulling his dorm's fire alarm.  At the end of his list, Seevakumaran wrote that he wanted to 'give 'em hell.'

But Seevakumaran ended up shooting and killing himself while his roommate barricaded himself and called police.

Within minutes of the chilling 911 call, campus police forced their way into Seevakumaran's dorm.  Babakhani was still on the phone with police.

"I don't know if the gun is real," he told the dispatcher.

Babakhani would later give an interview to the school's newspaper recounting the events and providing some insight into his roommate.

"He always avoids eye contact if I see him out and about.  Instead of walking by me he would walk around me," Babakhani explained.

That all changed shortly after midnight on Monday.

"He finally made solid eye contact with me when he pointed the gun at me," Babakhani said.

Babakhani described his roommate as a loner who was introverted.  He never even saw his roommate on the phone and did not know if he had any family.

It is likely Babakhani's quick thinking that saved his life.

"As he was raising the gun I slammed the door on him before he could pop one of them off.  I wasn't shocked.  I just saw what was going on and I was like I'm not going out like that."

Seevakumaran was a business major.  However, police say he was not enrolled in Spring 2013 classes.  They also say he was in the process of being evicted from the dorm room.

No discernable motive for his thwarted massacre has been uncovered.


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