Students get a chance to get acquainted with Florida's newest university

Florida Polytechnic starts class on August 25th

POLK CITY, Fla. - A big reveal today as Florida's newest university opened it's door for the first ever class to attend Florida Polytechnic. 19-year-old William Irwin from Fort Walton Beach, Florida was one coming to campus today to get his ID. He is one of hundreds of students who will be part of the inaugural class. "I'm excited but nervous to see who I'm going to be meeting here," Irwin said.

Along with getting his ID, Irwin spent the day exploring the brand new campus. He also met with faculty and connected with other classmates. It's part of "The Reveal," an event hosted by Florida Polytechnic to help students get ready for the first day of class in August. "The fact that it's a brand new school and I get to make my impact on what's probably going to be one of the biggest schools in Florida," Irwin said.


The biggest show stopper was the 60 million dollar, 162,000 square foot Science and Technology building. A first of its kind in Florida. "The building looks like a space ship," Irwin said. A spaceship housing labs, classrooms, offices and common areas. "I love how efficient it is and the design of it," Irwin said.


Irwin will move onto campus late next month. He will also begin classes working toward a major in machine intelligence. "I like building robots. I just got a computer board that I'm going to be using when I move here to make all sorts of things," Irwin said. "I think I'm on board to make quad copter."


"I'm exited for him. I think he'll fit in really well,: Irwin's father David Irwin said.


So far Irwin does seem to be fitting in. "I love everything about this school so far," Irwin said.


A good thing since Irwin will be spending the next four years here developing skills for his big plan in the future. "Take over the world," Irwin said.


Students will begin moving in on August 20th with classes beginning on August 25th. School officials expect around 500 students to be part of Florida Polytechnic's inaugural class.

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