Second suspect arrested for ‘horrific' Polk County rape & home invasion

POINCIANA, Fla. - Danny Delgado Cruz, 29, was taken into custody by Kissimmee Police on Thursday evening.

Cruz is the second suspect in what is being called a horrific home invasion and rape in Polk County earlier this week.
During a news conference Thursday, Sheriff Grady Judd announced they arrested Richard Cruz and were looking for his brother, Danny.
"It was one of the most violent, ruthless attacks we have seen in a long time," Judd said Thursday at a news conference.
Monday night around 11:00 p.m., a young man was approached on the street in Poinciana around the corner of Puffer Court and Halibut Road.  He was forced into his home by two men.
According to Polk County investigators, while inside, the men tied up the young man and his father and demanded cash.
At that same time, the young man's mother came out from the shower.  That is when robbery turned to rape.
"They take her into another room, and with a gun to her head," Judd said, "while the son and father are tied up, viscously sexually battered her."
But the horror for the woman would not stop there.
Judd continued, "Before they left, they did a complete body wash of the victim with bleach."
During the news conference Thursday, Judd said a suspicious truck located near the crime scene helped them locate the suspects.
In a twisted turn of events, the truck actually belonged to the suspects, but it was reported stolen.
When deputies went to question Richard about the truck, Danny ran from the home.
Inside the truck, investigators found a comforter, machete, gloves and several other items linking the truck to the attack.
Polk County detectives went to Kissimmee to interview Danny.
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