Polk Fire Rescue workers fired over charges of sexual misconduct

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - Several Polk County Board of County Commissioners Fire Rescue employees were fired from the job following an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations.

Four employees were accused of engaging in inappropriate activity while on duty and on county property, according to a release.

In January, management was told about the behavior and after an informal inquiry, officials say the allegation appeared to be valid. An official investigation was launched on Feb. 7.

The investigation confirmed that three employees were engaged in sexual activity on county property while they were working.

While the fourth employee didn't have physical contact with a female employee on or off duty, there was evidence that inappropriate text messages were sent and received during working hours.

None of the employees involved accused the other of sexual harassment.  

"The employees that we must terminate have each been employed with the BoCC for at least 15 years. All of them are well aware of the standards of conduct that was expected of them," said David Cash, Polk County Fire Rescue Chief.

Three of the employees, two medical supervisors and a battalion chief, have been given a "Notice of Intent to Terminate" and a Deputy Chief was issued disciplinary action, including suspension without pay and performance improvement probation.

The fourth was suspended.


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