Hillsborough school worker caught secretly filming naked teen girls

Investigators say voyeurism occurred at his home

MULBERRY, Fla. - An air conditioning mechanic who works for the Hillsborough County School district is accused of secretly filming teens in various stages of undress.

Investigators arrested Dewey Norris on Wednesday on charges of voyeurism that they believe was done in his own home.

They said Norris used a small camera that looked like a standard ink pen to film the girls in the bathroom of his Mulberry home.

To protect the identity of the victims, the sheriff's office would only say Norris had access to the girls, ranging in age from 14 to 19. He did not lure them into his home.

"Certainly he is deviant. His conduct is reprehensible and as a result we got him where he needs to be -- locked up in the county jail," Sheriff Grady Judd said Thursday.

Investigators found more than 50 videos of the girls on four separate DVD's.  They were tipped off by a friend of the suspect, who stumbled upon one of the video clips.

Neighbors tell us he lived alone and mainly kept to himself.

"Sometimes he would say 'hi' and 'bye,' but that was it.  We didn't have a relationship with him," said Jesus Quecada, who lives a couple houses down.

Perhaps even more alarming is Norris' line of work.

For more than 20 years, he's been an AC mechanic for the Hillsborough County School District.

Spokesman Steve Hegarty said they have never had any issues with him.

The lingering question is:  Did he film any kids at the school?  He told detectives he did not.

"Of course we're interested to see if there's any impact at (school)," Hegarty said. "We have absolutely no reason to believe that. Polk County has not given us any reason to believe that there is any impact here in Hillsborough County."

Hegarty said Norris is suspended until the board can formally fire him.

"They're always sorry.  Sorry they get caught!" Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters.

He said Norris admitted to detectives that he was responsible for the more than 50 videos. They say Norris's face is seen on the video clips setting the camera up and taking it down.

Investigators still have a lot of work ahead of them, as they start searching through the five computers seized at his home to see if there are any other videos or victims.

"You don't wake up at 49 and start this deviant conduct," the sheriff said.

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