Man arrested in Easter Sunday road-rage incident

A Polk County man was arrested Tuesday after deputies said he tried to attack a family following a case of road rage.

Warren Orr, 25, was charged in the incident that occurred Easter Sunday at Shepherd Road and Imperial Parkway in Mulberry.

"It was traumatizing. I've never experienced anything like that," Diane Alderman said.

A piece of clear plastic and tape now serve as a makeshift window on Diane Alderman's car.

Shards of glass are still on the floor following her run-in Sunday with a man she said was so angry he broke the window with his bare hands.

"He grabbed the window and snatched it out," Alderman said.

Alderman said she, her son and his girlfriend were leaving a gas station and heading to the beach.

"We had to wait for the traffic to clear and the car behind us pulled up and they started blowing the horn," she said. "So my son went, 'Really?'"

That's when she says Orr got out of his car. Alderman pulled out, but he followed.

"They were weaving in and out of traffic and got behind us and the light caught us and there was a car in front of me so I couldn't run. He got out, grabbed my door handle, punched the glass, called my son a few ugly words and just kept trying to get him out," Alderman said.

She cracked the window to tell him they were calling 911.

That's when she says he broke the glass and reached in.

Alderman said she kept honking the horn for the car in front of her to move and as soon as she had the chance, she hit the gas.

Orr faces simple assault and stalking charges.

He has been arrested multiple times in the past, most recently just three weeks ago for threatening a public servant and trespassing.

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